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Cupid Production aim to present easy lifestyles and higher living standard by developing new technologies for people today and generations to come. We are committed to create a better world with innovative technologies and products that
bring impressive digital experience.


We are a group of people who have 10 years experience on Android based equipment, Tablet and multimedia application, and corresponding server backend to provide machine linkage. We have team of engineer in Hong Kong and China, to support the items from sales and product design.

We are also the agent for medical product manufacturer, with the product of Mask, Eye mask, Infrared Thermometer, Diagnostic Kit, Protective clothing and Ventilator. 


Our Product


- 17'' Screen
- Cabinet made of MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) with screws for consumers to assembly, installation as
simple as assembly the furniture from Ikea.
- Can add games by USB or direct into the game console
- Support all MAME rom 


- 9'' Screen
- Cabinet made of MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) 
- Can add games by USB or direct into the game console
- Support all MAME rom 


- Mask 

- Eye Mask

- Infrared Thermometer

- Diagnostic Kit

- Protective Clothing

- Ventilatior

And others upon request

Smart Mirror

-Apps Provide rich application for your family

-Connecting the devices and appliances in your home

-Access to the most riveting entertainment

-Provide all information you need


-High speed processor

-Two high resolution camera (Front and rear)

-Support external SD storage

-Large 10 inch capacitive screen

-Selling with bluetooth keyboard


Tel:  +852  2813-1139

Fax: +852  2813-2233



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